QVLS-iLabs is gaining further momentum

Open innovation process for quantum technologies

German cutting-edge research in the field of quantum technologies has the potential to boost the German high-tech industry. To transform the potential into a economic success for Lower Saxony, the QVLS-iLabs future cluster is currently being established in the Quantum Valley Lower Saxony. More than 60 partners from research and industry met in February to forge concrete plans from initial ideas. The result is more than 20 project ideas that the partners want to implement together in QVLS-iLabs. Thanks to QVLS-iLabs, the projects could commercialize enabling technologies in Germany before others catch up with the scientific lead.

Whether lasers integrated on chips for future quantum computers or highly sensitive quantum sensors: the industrial interest in quantum technologies is high. Around 20 companies were at the second kickoff of the QVLS-iLabs to secure access to the quantum research in the region. Particularly in demand: the research strength in quantum metrology and quantum computing.

Several factors accelerate public-private partnerships

First, through the joint Cluster of Excellence QuantumFrontiers, numerous other research programs and centers, the participating research institutions have been a well-established team for years, eager to bring their advances in quantum technologies to society. Furthermore, a look at the map shows that many of the companies involved are already an integral part of the region that the Quantum Valley Lower Saxony wants to promote. Finally, even more structures are joining in the effort. For example, a new building is currently being constructed at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) for the Quantum Technology Competence Center (QTZ), in which targeted collaboration with industry in quantum technology will take place starting in 2023.

A number of industrial partners have settled in the Hannover-Braunschweig research region and are now part of the QVLS-iLabs.

The more than 20 project ideas of the second kickoff of the QVLS-iLabs are ultimately an opportunity for the state and region to establish quantum technologies on the German market. As an applicant of the BMBF funding line “Clusters4Future”, it will be decided in summer 2022 whether the iLabs will receive the necessary support to develop the full economic potential of the project ideas.

Research partners of QVLS-iLabs

Leibniz Universität Hannover
Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt
Technische Universität Braunschweig
Institute for Satellite Geodesy and Inertial Sensing