productronica is regarded as the world’s leading trade fair for electronics development and production, making it the sector’s most important biannual meeting place and source of inspiration. At the invitation of the Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA), Quantum Valley Lower Saxony exhibited at productronica for the first time from 14 to 17 November 2023. As the conceptual and technical patron of productronica, the VDMA drives the industry forward. With the appearance of QVLS, second-generation quantum technologies such as quantum computers and quantum sensors were now given a place at the world’s leading trade fair.

The various exhibition areas at productronica cover areas such as semiconductor manufacturing, battery production and production logistics. As a non-profit organization, QVLS communicated the potential impact of the new quantum technologies on the industries of the 1,400 exhibitors and 42,000 visitors of the trade fair. On the one hand, the virtual reality escape game “QuantumVR” was used to convey the basic characteristics of the new quantum technologies. On the other hand, direct contact with industry partners is the necessary first step to ensure the conditions for successful industry transfer in projects such as the Zukunftscluster QVLS iLabs.