Institute for Satellite Geodesy and Inertial Sensing (DLR-SI)

The new “Institute for Satellite Geodesy and Inertial Sensing” (SI) of the German Aerospace Center e. V. (DLR) in Hannover (Lower Saxony) primarily focuses on research questions in the context of the use of quantum technologies and quantum sensors and develop quantum measurement techniques for innovative applications up to the realization of prototype solutions.

DLR SI’s primary research objectives are:

  1. New developments based on innovative quantum technological processes, which will contribute significantly to the solution of social and technological challenges.
  2. Novel systems of quantum sensors – e.g. high-precision inertial sensors – for space and terrestrial applications using the entire spectrum of new developments in quantum physics and quantum optics.
  3. Groundbreaking geodetic applications and advanced reference systems in space and time.

Within the framework of the planned department “Optical Frequency Measurement”, a strong cooperation with the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Braunschweig is planned. One of the planned departments (Relativistic Modelling) will be located in Bremen.