QVLS-HTI Hightech-Inkubator

High-tech incubators are intended to accelerate the growth of new high-tech companies in Lower Saxony. In the field of quantum technologies, QVLS supports new and young deep-tech start-ups with joint partners.

The QVLS-HTI is funded until the end of 2024 by the Quantum Technology Competence Centre of the PTB, together with the university partners from Hanover (Leibniz University) and Braunschweig (TU Braunschweig). At the same time, the incubator is integrated into the Quantum Valley Lower Saxony (QVLS). The central goal of QVLS-HTI is to establish a long-term and powerful structure to support deep-tech start-ups in the field of quantum technologies. An important prerequisite for this is low-threshold access to high-tech infrastructure and highly specialised expert knowledge. Both are represented in the Hannover-Braunschweig region by QVLS (QVLS speaker team: Prof. Piet Schmidt (PTB), Prof. Christian Ospelkaus (LUH), Prof. Andreas Waag (TU Braunschweig)), the alliance of quantum technology activities of research institutions and universities in the region. A central goal here is the development of a 50-qubit quantum computer demonstrator. Complementary to this, the QVLS-HTI is to transfer quantum technologies and accompanying enabling technologies as efficiently as possible into commercial use and thus help overcome the so-called “Valley of Death” between research and market.



Rolleiwerke GmbH
Salzdahlumer Straße 196
38126 Braunschweig

E-Mail: hti@qvls.de