Quantum Technology Competence Center (QTZ)

The quantum technology competence center (QTZ) at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt will provide an important basis for the industrial development of quantum technology.

The central goal of QTZ is to support business – with a special focus on start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises – in the transfer of quantum technology from basic research into application. The QTZ complements the existing research and development skills and services with a focus on the evolving needs of the economy and active technology transfer.

For QT applications to be successful in the market, robust and user-friendly QT components are required that can also be used by non-experts in the challenging environment of an industrial plant. PTB allows QT components that have already established themselves at PTB (or in other research institutes) to be enhanced for this type of practical utilization.

For QT components to be used commercially, it is essential for them to be reliable and comparable. Furthermore, their compliance with quality-relevant specifications must be ensured and certified by means of calibration and characterization. For this purpose, the QTZ continues to support the development of norms and standards in the field of QT. With these services, which belong to the fundamental tasks of PTB, as an independent national metrology institute, PTB is making an important and robust contribution to paving the way into the QT market.

The planned Lummer-Pringsheim building at the PTB will be the permanent location of the QTZ in the future.



Dr. Nicolas Spethmann

E-Mail: nicolas.spethmann@ptb.de