CRC 1464 TerraQ – Relativistic and Quantum-based Geodesy

The long-term vision of TerraQ is to create a new geodesy based on quantum physics and general relativity, enabling unique prospects for satellite geodesy, gravimetric Earth observation and reference systems.

In the heart of TerraQ stands the unique interdisciplinary work of geodesists and quantum physicists. With the combination of expertise from engineering skills and fundamental research, we will lift spatial and temporal accuracy of geodetic mass observations to the next level. In this way, TerraQ will provide crucial input for climate change research with enormous impact on the whole field of geoscience.

We aim to advance quantum-based measurement concepts for monitoring mass changes from space and on ground, combined with the corresponding data analysis and modelling, in order to provide sophisticated tools that significantly enhance our knowledge on the involved change processes in the system Earth. We study and make use of modern quantum physics to develop and utilise innovative experimental devices and measurement techniques, and to develop new theoretical and modeling methods for high precision recovery of the Earth’s gravitational field in the next decade and beyond.


Raúl Villanueva