Cluster of Excellence: QuantumFrontiers

In the QuantumFrontiers research program, we explore light and matter at the quantum frontier. This means that we are using quantum metrology and nanometrology to improve the sensitivity and precision of measurements, i.e., the fundamentals of metrology. These advances in the fundamentals of metrology enable new precision measurements and measurement technologies that allow us to better understand nature at the smallest and largest scales: from gravitational wave astronomy to light and matter at the quantum level.

Here are some of the topics where QuantumFrontiers’ research is advancing:

  • Optical atomic clocks for world’s most accurate timekeeping and future reference systems,
  • atomic interferometry several orders of magnitude more precise,
  • new quantum standards,
  • sub-wavelength nanophotonics with full state control of light,
  • hybrid CMOS integration for sub-100 nm nano-LED platforms,
  • picometer-scale laser interferometric distance measurement for satellites,
  • chip-based compact atomic optics and nanophotonics,
  • relativistic geodesy with sub-centimeter height resolution.