Technische Universität Braunschweig

The Braunschweig research area, with TU Braunschweig being the scientific hub, has been ranked as the most R&D intense region in Germany in 2017. “Metrology” is one out of four core research areas of TU Braunschweig with a strong focus on quantum and nanometrology, building on a strategic collaboration with PTB, the second largest national metrology institute worldwide and Leibniz University Hannover over many years.  TU Braunschweig’s research profile in metrology is underpinned by their world-leading application-oriented research in nano-engineering, nano-analytics, and electrical measurement technology and cutting-edge research facilities in the new research building the Laboratory for Emerging Nanometrology (LENA) as well as the Epitaxy Competence Center ec2 jointly operated with OSRAM OS GmbH, the second largest LED manufacturer worldwide. Ec2 is a center for Gallium Nitride semiconductor technology for the blue and UV spectral range and one of the few academic places worldwide offering the entire development chain from epitaxy to chip processing to module and packaging technology at an industry level, which is a prerequisite for photonic integration. A 35 Mio. € investment into a new physics building, being started in 2021, will allocate even more resources into quantum technology.

TUBS research has led to several successful spin-off companies in the region and the funding of many large-scale collaborations with LUH and PTB. For nearly 15 years the TU Braunschweig in partnership with the PTB has been a leader in educating and training future metrology experts within the Braunschweig International Graduate School in Metrology (B-IGSM).

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