QubeDot has a strong focus on the technology of GaN and GaN-based microLED-technology. The goal of QubeDot is to be recognized as the leader in applications of microLED-technology in Europe and being the first to bring this technology to a wider range of customers. QubeDot is not doing this by simply promoting the technology e.g. by producing the smallest microLEDs or the ones with the most pixels, but by proving microLED-technology based solutions ready to use for the customer. QubeDot was founded in May 2019, and first microLED-based products have already entered global distribution by strategic retailers. As a standard product, QubeDot has developed the SMILE technology®. SMILE is an acronym that stands for Structured Micro Illumination Light Engine. SMILE platforms consist of an array of 8×8 or 16×16 µLEDs and are delivered ready to use with driver and user-friendly software. This package makes it very simple for clients to get in touch with µLED-technology and to check feasibility of bilateral projects. With the ability to produce almost any size of microLED in the range of 1 to 100 μm, QubeDot has specialized by also providing the required software to control its devices. This strategy to not only produce microLEDs and arrays, but also to integrate them into “real” products for end-users in many different fields of applications is unique and cannot be found elsewhere. However, if customers request to produce larger LED chips or simply require processed LED wafers, Qubedot is happy to help.