Quantum technologies will drive profound social and economic developments in the 21st century. In the global race for the latest breakthroughs, the high density of cooperating research institutions with outstanding expertise promises to give the state of Lower Saxony a unique competitive advantage.

Building on past successes, the Ministry of Science and Culture and the Volkswagen Foundation, together with leading research institutions and companies, launched Quantum Valley Lower Saxony in 2020: an amalgamation of Lower Saxony’s expertise in quantum technologies to promote international visibility and local value creation.


Neuromorphic Computing based on LEDs

For humans, driving a car in an unfamiliar environment is a comparatively simple exercise. For a computer, on the other hand, this task is extremely demanding and requires a lot of energy. Together, Professor Christian Werner from the OST Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences and Professor Andreas Waag from the…

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More expertise for quantum sensing in QVLS

Professor Nabeel Aslam researches diamond quantum sensors in Braunschweig Nabeel Aslam became a junior professor at the Institute of Condensed Matter Physics at TU Braunschweig at the beginning of October 2022. For the last four years, Professor Aslam was researching quantum sensors in diamonds at Harvard University. He is now…

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